On a mission

Encouraged by my dear wife Monika and son Pranay, I am embarking upon a new vehicle – this blog site to share my thoughts about caring for the world we live in, as regularly as I can.

The area that represents my “inner voice” is clean evolution – I must certainly and surely work in this area till the time I actively can. As we evolve through thought – personal action- habit – noticeable event cycle towards formation of our exterior self, the life energy we bring in determines what ultimately evidences as our personality.

So far my efforts have been wanting but with encouragement from my family I have promised to start all over again with a promise that I will not leave the cycle mid way this time around.

Like most of us I associate with the mission “Swacch India” and “Skilled India” from amongst the various calls given by PM Modi to evolve us as a nation.

I am committing myself to set aside some time everyday to do something and report what I did in the direction of “clean evolution” with the hope that you my friends will also enlighten me about what you did similarly.

Some thoughts about what I intend to do today –

  1. Ensure I or any of my family members’ do not pee in open spaces but use a public toilet when we go out this evening.
  2. Acknowledge and show respect to the “safai wala” (those who clean our muck) and rummage boys/girls I may encounter today, as I would respect my mother, my dad, my boss or whoever I hold in very high esteem
  3. Not throw anything outside from my car but wait to drop all waste in a bin.

More tomorrow….

Thanks for reading.

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